Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)

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Are there sins you've confessed that you don't feel forgiven for?

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If so, can you identify the reason why you have doubts? Does your reasoning line up with Scripture? Is it possible it's actually you who hasn't forgiven the sin and not God? Is there a difference between deeply regretting your sinful past and being guilt-ridden?

If so, can you explain the difference? What is the biblical remedy for guilt and shame?

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Is there a sin in your past that you've confessed but live in fear of someone else finding out? If so, are you still carrying the shame? According to 1 John , has God forgiven you? Can anything positive come from your carrying the shame? What do you think God wants you to do? When a believer continues to struggle with guilt, do you think confiding in a trusted brother or sister in Christ could be a powerful tool for letting it go? Can you think of some cautions a person should consider before doing this? Can you think of a situation when you heard someone share something surprising about his or her struggle with sin and you actually found yourself respecting that person more for having had the courage to admit it?

Did the person seem more real to you afterward? Can deeper healing result from knowing we're loved and accepted in spite of our sin? Do you think God can use your sinful mistakes as a means of teaching you empathy for others who also struggle? Do you believe God always forgives a person who has repented and asked His forgiveness? If so, do you believe His grace would be given in equal measure to someone like Ivy Griffith for a decade of abusing her body, as it would to Elam Griffith for harboring a six-month grudge?

Explain your answer. In Matthew , Jesus tells us to forgive others seventy times seven. Do you think that statement should be taken literally? If not, what do you think it means? Do you think there's value in applying that same principle when forgiving ourselves? Do you think God punishes us if we don't repent once we realize we're sinning? When you've experienced hardship, have you ever secretly feared that God was punishing you?

Is it possible He was disciplining you as outlined in Hebrews ? Have you ever experienced this type of godly discipline? Did it make you fearful, or remorseful? Did it eventually cause you to grow more Christlike? Do you believe Psalm , which says, "As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us," should be taken literally?

If so, should we ever dredge up the sins we've already confessed? Is there ever a time when we have the right to hold someone else's sin against him or her?

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If you think there is, find biblical support for your answer. What are some of the faulty perceptions a person might have that create stumbling blocks to accepting God's forgiveness? Mother has never seen him, but she has heard him. Mother knows, because she gives him his program. But I was quite right, Joseph Buquet had no business to talk of things that don't concern him—it will bring him bad luck—mother was saying so last night——".

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She opened the door. A respectable lady, built on the lines of a Pomeranian grenadier, burst into the dressing-room and dropped groaning into a vacant arm-chair. Her eyes rolled madly in her brick-dust colored face. The room became filled with exclamations, with astonished outcries, with scared requests for explanations.

Ma Jammes gave her opinion, while she emptied a glass of liqueur that happened to be standing on a table; the ghost must have something to do with it. The truth is that no one ever knew how Joseph Buquet met his death. The verdict at the inquest was "natural suicide.

Moncharmin, one of the joint managers who succeeded MM. Debienne and Poligny, describes the incident as follows:. Debienne and Poligny gave to celebrate their retirement. I was in the manager's office, when Mercier, the acting-manager, suddenly came darting in. He seemed half mad and told me that the body of a scene-shifter had been found hanging in the third cellar under the stage, between a farm-house and a scene from the Roi de Lahore.

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I shouted:. So this is an event which M. Moncharmin thinks natural. A man hangs at the end of a rope; they go to cut him down; the rope has disappeared. Oh, M. Moncharmin found a very simple explanation! Listen to him:. There you are! Picture the corps de ballet scuttling down the Jacob's ladder and dividing the suicide's rope among themselves in less time than it takes to write! When, on the other hand, I think of the exact spot where the body was discovered—the third cellar underneath the stage!

The horrid news soon spread all over the Opera, where Joseph Buquet was very popular.

Never Look Back

The dressing-rooms emptied and the ballet-girls, crowding around Sorelli like timid sheep around their shepherdess, made for the foyer through the ill-lit passages and staircases, trotting as fast as their little pink legs could carry them. Pedro Gailhard himself, the late manager of the Opera. On the first landing, Sorelli ran against the Comte de Chagny, who was coming up-stairs. The count, who was generally so calm, seemed greatly excited. And Christine Daae: what a triumph!

But do let us get by, my dear count," continues the brat, with a saucy curtsey. Well, please forget about it for tonight—and above all don't let M. Debienne and M. Poligny hear; it would upset them too much on their last day. They all went on to the foyer of the ballet, which was already full of people. The Comte de Chagny was right; no gala performance ever equalled this one.

All the great composers of the day had conducted their own works in turns.

Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)
Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)
Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)
Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)
Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)
Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series) Never Look Back (Phantom Hollow Series)

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